2019 / 110m - China
Fantasy, Action
Double World poster


August 01, 2020


Another milestone for Netflix. This is the first time they're dropping a big budget Chinese epic right onto their platform. Covid-19 is definitely offering them an advantage when directors like Teddy Chan are skipping theatrical releases and going directly to streaming. It's a brave new world indeed.

Double World is a pretty standard blockbuster fantasy. That means you should expect a hefty dose of CG, some slightly confusing lore and a plot that is more focused on action set pieces and broad spectacle than on character development and smart plotting. It would be weird to expect anything else.

My main gripe is that the creature designs felt a little lazy, a fantasy film like this could've more inspiring creatures rather than giant scorpions and a basic dragon. But the action scenes are solid, and the ending was pretty impressive. Not enough to make this a true classic, but if you want some fun filler then Double Word delivers.