Doragon Boru Z: Kyokugen Batoru!! San Dai Sûpâ Saiyajin
1992 / 46m - Japan
Action, Sci-fi - Animation
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 poster


July 11, 2023


Just more of the same. The only reason I'm sticking with these films now is that they are short and that there's still a regular Dragon Ball movie up ahead. Other than that, there's no real reason to keep watching them. Each film is a carbon copy of the previous one, which is fine if you actually like the DBZ franchise. I do not.

A new film, a new supervillain. This time the crew is battling androids 13 to 15. Which each new film, more and more people are needed to kill the villains, and fights get bigger and grander, but the result is always the same. For some reason or other (often ill-explained or completely random), the good guys win.

The art style and animation are crummy, the villains are dull, the destruction grand but still unimpressive. The short intros are the best part of these films, but they seem to shrink with each new entry. Considering the popularity of the series I'm sure they made good money with them, but these films are clearly fans-only stuff.