Doragon Bôru Z - Kami to Kami
2013 / 85m - Japan
Action, Fantasy - Animation
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods poster


August 28, 2023


After almost two decades of nothing, they apparently decided to revive the Dragon Ball Z films. It's longer than the earlier films, which means there's more time for silly banter and nonsense. The art style is a little cleaner and the animation is a bit improved, though, in the end, this is just another very basic Z film.

Peace has returned to Earth, but not for longer. Bils, a destroyer by nature, wakes up and sets his mind on destroying our dearest planet. Goku is excited, as he's been quite bored these past few years. He's happy to accept Bils' challenge, but he is quite a bit tougher than expected.

Usually there wasn't much time for introductions, with a good half hour extra the film can take an easier start and find a better balance between fun and action. The enemy is a little bland and the action scenes are still very random (just people powering up until one finally wins), but at least the balance here is decent. Not bad for a Z film.