Lie Long Wang
2024 / 79m - China
Dragon Hunting King poster


February 19, 2024


The Chinese streamer scene is a complete maze, still, especially when it comes to directors. There's just one name that jumps out so far, and that's Dai Yilin. His work is usually pretty consistent, so when I noticed he had a new film out I was ready to give it a shot. It's not his best work, but it's a pretty decent addition to his oeuvre.

Chai Hu is a mentally challenged man, but legend says there's a dragon inside his body, causing him not to age. Reporter Wei Yu Tong hears about his story and together with her father, she organizes an expedition. The goal is to use Chai Hu to wake up a dragon who resides in the Eight Hundred Mountains.

With Dragon Hunting King, Yilin returns to the tomb-raiding genre. I figured it had died out somewhat over the past year, but apparently, there's still room for a couple more films. Dragon Hunting King isn't quite as spectacular as it needed to be though, and the little extra drama felt a bit unnecessary. But if you're just here for the genre thrills, this film won't disappoint.