Indonesia [2019] - 97m
Horror, Fantasy
Directed by
Kimo Stamboel
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DreadOut poster


February 20, 2021


Stamboel certainly didn't take the easy way out by combining horror and fantasy elements, but the risk paid off. DreadOut reminded me a little of The Pang's Re-Cycle, a film with a similar setup that also had a tougher time finding an appreciative audience. While Stamboel's film doesn't reach quite the same heights, fans of the more fantastical horror films should give this one a go.

The start is pretty basic, with a bunch of kids coming together to livestream from a haunted house. A popular setup nowadays, that usually results in the same type of haunts and scares. But this particular building houses a portal to another dimension, where a vengeful spirit reigns supreme.

There are some creepy designs, imaginative setups, interesting lore and some inspired horror moments. The cast can be a little iffy and the film's just a smidgen too long, but people looking for horror that doesn't necessarily serve familiar scares will find at least something with the potential to surprise. Another good effort by Stamboel.

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