2022 / 62m - USA
Horror, Fantasy
Dreams in the Witch House poster


October 31, 2022


The writer/director of the Twilight series takes on Lovecraft. It's no big surprise then that the result sways a bit more into dark fantasy territory, but that's not really such a bad thing when adapting Lovecraft. As long as you don't expect full-on horror here, you're bound to have a good time.

When Walter's twin sister dies, he sees her ghostly form taken away into another dimension. Walter joins a paranormal society but has trouble finding someone who can show him the way. Until he finds a bar where they sell a special potion, that allows people to travel to the realm of lost ghosts.

There is no lack of horror elements here, it's just that they're not all that scary. Hardwicke goes for atmosphere rather than thrills, and that fits the setup nicely. It's certainly not the most original of the Cabinet of Curiosities shorts (then again, it's a well-known Lovecraft story, so what did you expect), but it's executed with a lot of flair and grandeur. Fun.