Zuk Seoi Piu Lau
2021 / 112m - Hong Kong
Drifting poster


February 19, 2022


Hong Kong cinema is built on genre films, drama never found much footing there. While there are some notable exceptions, they are few and far between. Jun Li's Drifting does its best to make a positive change, but the film simply isn't strong and/or impactful enough to make a convincing case that we need more Hong Kong dramas.

After he is released from prison, Fai returns to live with his homeless pals. That same night, the police comes around and gets rid of their possessions. Together with Ho, a social worker, they sue the government, the beginning of an extensive court case. The media gets wind of the case, but they are more interested in the various (legal) backgrounds of the homeless people.

Francis Ng's transformation is pretty impressive and the cinematography does look pretty polished, the drama on the other hand is rather basic, and the characters never really rise above their purpose within the plot. It's not a bad film, but it lacks the emotional impact that is needed for a standout drama.