1989 / 99m - USA
Driving Miss Daisy poster


July 25, 2021


Typical American/Hollywood/Oscar schmaltz. It's actually quite remarkable how well-regarded some of these films still are, even though they're so extravagantly sentimental and 100% unsubtle about it. Unless you're really feeling like a gushy, kitsch drama, this is a film that has very little to offer.

Miss Daisy is a wealthy, older woman who finds it increasingly harder to do the things she used to do all by herself. And so, when she crashes her car, her son hires Miss Daisy a driver. She isn't too happy with the idea and gives the man a pretty hard time, but as they spend more time together, to grow to like each other.

Simple characters, boring cinematography, a sentimental score and predictable drama. Driving Miss Daisy is a typical tearjerker, the precursor to Green Book, but even less subtle. The film's only saving grace is that it is rather short, so at least the pacing is decent. Other than that, not a film that had anything to offer to me.