2021 / 155m - USA
Sci-fi, Fantasy
Dune poster


October 31, 2021


Villeneuve really wants you to see this film in cinemas, I am pretty glad I didn't. While I'm sure there are marginal gains, Villeneuve just isn't the best director to tackle epic sci-fi/fantasy films like this one. His adaptation of Herbert's book is so damn serious that it becomes silly, even laughable.

Paul is the son of an influential family, together with them, he travels to Arrakis, their new home. Arrakis is where "the spice" is mined, a precious resource needed to travel through space. Arrakis is a dangerous place, with sand worms ruling the dunes and tribal fighters holing up in the desert.

Dune is sci-fi pulp, but Villeneuve seems to be taking the material extremely serious. The slow pacing is quite unnecessary, the dialogues are trite, and the visual splendor really isn't all the splendid. Villeneuve also needs a trained action choreographer by his side, if the sequel will truly be more action-based then this blah Hollywood screen-fighting won't cut it. The worms are cool, and it's nice that someone is finally getting heaps of cash to make sci-fi epics again, but this should've been so much better.