2023 / 134m - USA
Fantasy, Comedy
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves poster


July 22, 2023


This would have been fun if it had actually been funny. The film takes more than a few cues from Thor: Ragnarok's success, but merely copying a formula isn't enough to make a good film. They did have the right idea though, I find this type of fantasy a lot easier to stomach when done as a comedy.

Edgin is a small-time thief. One day he is played by a red wizard as he steals a relic for her that grows her power tremendously. Edgin has moral standards and he wants to right his wrongs. Together with a band of friends, he begins his adventure to steal to relic back and save his daughter in the process.

The fantasy bits are pretty boring, and so is the aesthetic. It's a shame the comedy wasn't funnier, Chris Pine isn't a good fit and most of the jokes felt lazy and predictable. Still, the light tone made it quite a bit easier to make it until the end. Next time, get some better writers and a proper director.