Zhen San Guo Wu Shuang
2021 / 117m - Hong Kong
Dynasty Warriors poster


May 22, 2021


Roy Chow's latest is a pretty easy film. Dynasty Warriors is a big budget adaptation of a popular video game series. That's mean he was guaranteed a big budget, a seasoned cast and all the available talent in the right places. The result is what you'd expect. Full-on blockbuster entertainment that doesn't take too many risks.

The series originated as a spin-off from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a game based on the classic Chinese story. It's a hack & slash affair and you'll see that back in the film. Superpowered heroes are fighting off armies of faceless adversaries, with only the battles between the lead characters carrying any real weight.

Quite a few famous names in the cast, most notably Louis Koo and Lam Suet. Not really a film where actors make much of a different though, as it's the big battles that take center stage here. The action looks pretty impressive, the cinematography is nice, the pacing is solid. This type of film has been done better, but Chow has nothing to be ashamed of.