Yi Boh Lai Beng Duk
1996 / 98m - Hong Kong
Crime, Horror
Ebola Syndrome poster


October 28, 2007


No doubt a career maker for both Herman Yau and Anthony Wong. Ebola Syndrome is not a good film, but it is pretty hilarious and there are some unforgettable moments that greatly increase the film's cult appeal. I wouldn't recommend this to just anybody, but if you like yourself some excessive trash, this one won't disappoint.

Anthony Wong plays one of the vilest and most disagreeable characters ever. He is a cook who doesn't care too much about anything. After a dispute with his bosses he murders them and flees to South-Africa. After raping a girl there he gets infected with the Ebola virus. There is no cure for him, so all he can do is infect as many others as possible.

I wouldn't call Wong's performance great, but he is insanely memorable, and he really commits to his role. The film looks and sounds pretty terrible, the plot is nonsensical and Yau makes some very odd choices (like the mid-film safari), but ultimately these just add to the fun. If you want to know where Yau/Wong got their reputation from, just watch this film.