1962 / 126m - Italy
Drama, Romance
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September 24, 2022


One of Antonioni's better films, but I keep struggling with his somewhat unalluring characters, and the overall noisiness of Italian cinema. There are moments when I managed to get into the flow of the film, usually when everybody was quiet and going about their business.

Vittoria is a young woman who breaks off the relationship with her longtime boyfriend. When she visits her mother at the stock exchange, she meets Piero. He is interested in Vittoria, but she isn't immediately won over by this slick-looking stock broker. He is so persistent that Vittoria finally caves.

Monica Vitti and Alain Delon are both solid, it's just that I never really cared that much whether they got together or how their relationship would fare. Maybe it was the something dull juxtaposition of their characters that left me cold, but it wasn't until the finale that I actually felt some emotion.