USA [1990] - 105m
Fantasy, Romance
Directed by
Tim Burton
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September 28, 2004


October 25, 2020


Tim Burton mixing urban fantasy and Gothic fairy tales. The result is a lot better than I remembered. I didn't really appreciate that particular combination the last time I watched it (I'm still a bigger fan of Burton's darker side), but at least the lighter elements didn't bother me as much this time around.

Edward is somewhat of a cyberpunk Pinocchio, a man created by an inventor to cure his loneliness. When his creator dies he lives all alone in a mansion, until a family from a rosy suburban community finds him and takes him back with them. While he's slow to adjust, the people in the neighborhood seem to appreciate Edward's special skills.

I still prefer the darker scenes in the mansion, but I couldn't really ignore Burton's all-round creativity here. While still a little cheesy (not in the least because of Elfman's score), the mix of elements is quite unique and the film has plenty of memorable moments. Not my favorite Burton, but a commendable film nonetheless.