2005 / 73m - Japan
Horror, Mystery
EGG. poster


June 29, 2020


Sometimes I forget how crazy those early Tsutsumi films could be. Around the mid 00s his work became a lot more commercial and accessible, but apparently not without going completely mental one final time. EGG is a film for fans of Japanese weirdness, a little mindbender that defies easy description.

The setting is some nondescript future. A woman starts seeing an egg every time she closes her eyes. It's a little unsettling, but when she goes to a doctor nothing strange is found. But then the egg cracks open and a weird monster starts approaching her, and the woman slowly starts to go mad. But how do you escape a monster on the inside of your eyes?

There's some weird lore here that doesn't make too much sense, luckily the film is weird and intriguing enough to transcend its plot. The camera work is nifty, the effects rather cheap but effective and the mystery is upheld until the very end. EGG is short, quirky and unique, it's a shame Tsutsumi abandoned this type of film.