Moe og Far
1995 / 86m - Norway
Drama, Comedy
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July 27, 2021


For people who are used to Scandinavian comedy, this film will be pretty familiar. The comedy is slightly absurd and dry, then there's an equal amount of drama, often involving some marginalized characters. It's the ugly and the old, delivered with a dash of endearing empathy. At least, when done well.

Moe and Pa are two brothers who have lived together longer than they care to remember. Pa is the only one to have ever taken a short vacation, an event that is coming back to haunt the brothers when a boy appears on their doorstep, claiming Pa is his father. The boy moves in, but Moe and Pa have a hard time adjusting to their new roommate.

The bland setting, the boring characters and the predictable comedy don't really work in the film's favor. It's probably more fun if you're the precise target audience of this type of comedy, but I've seen quite a few of these films, and they're all pretty samey. Not funny and absurd enough, all that remains is a sluggish dullness.