2003 / 97m - USA
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July 24, 2009


December 25, 2014


December 24, 2022


Christmas cult in the making. Favreau's Elf is quickly becoming a Christmas staple, and it's easy to see why. It's a rather simple film that broadly sticks to conventions, except for the spirited performance by Will Ferrell which never quite fits the Christmas theme, yet is all the funnier because of it.

Ferrell plays buddy, a human baby who ended up in an elf world and is brought up as if he was a regular elf. When he's all grown up, his foster dad informs him of his past and Buddy travels to New York to seek out his biological dad. He is a pretty big grump and cares little about Christmas.

Deschanel and Newhart are nice, but it's really Ferrell's show. Without him, the film wouldn't have been half as fun. Favreau's direction isn't too bad either, but he can't hide that Elf is little more than a corny Christmas flick. I will say that the film has grown on me. Not that I think it's great, but I like it considerably better compared to the first time I watched it.