2001 / 89m - Norway
Drama, Comedy
Elling poster


March 17, 2021


A pretty basic dramady. Back in the day Elling made quite an impact, though 20 years later it's hard to pinpoint why exactly that was. The film colors neatly inside the lines, serving two quirky characters who are let loose into the world and have to learn to live by themselves. Funny/dramatic situations ensue.

Elling is a shut-in who spent most of his life living with his mom, Kjell Bjarne is a 40-year-old virgin. After a short stay in an institute the two are sent to Oslo where they'll be challenged to overcome their insecurities. It's a pretty simple setup where actors and director are supposed to shoulder the weight of the film.

The performances are decent but nothing special. Both characters are a bit too dependent on their little quirks, which gets tired real quick. The direction is also pretty bland, with less-than-stellar cinematography and a mediocre soundtrack. It's not a bad film, there are some funny moments, but overall it's not enough to set itself apart from its peers.