Gui Yao Gui
1989 / 100m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Horror
Encounter of the Spooky Kind II poster


December 13, 2022


A classic Ricky Lau flick. His mix of action, comedy, and supernatural horror is instantly recognizable, add Sammo Hung into the mix and you have a film that is sure to entertain. It's not one of his best films though, for that it is just a little too formulaic, with not enough scenes that stand out. But as oeuvre filler, it's very easy to recommend.

Abao is a poor teahouse worker who is engaged to the boss' daughter. A rich lecher also wants her hand and he turns to the dark side to get what he craves. He hires a black magician to get rid of Abao. In turn, Abao gets help from a female ghost and a priest. There's no playing fair in war and love, so the battle between the two camps gets pretty heated.

Lau's usual perks are all here. The lighting is moody, the effects a little crummy but charming, the comedy is proper silly and the martial arts scenes are solid. There's nothing he didn't do better in his other films and if you're new to Ricky Lau it's maybe not the best way into his work, but fans of his films are sure to have a good time with this one.