La Película Infinita
2018 / 54m - Argentina
The Endless Film poster


February 14, 2023


An experimental film that saw the light after director Listorti started digging into the Argentinian film archive. By stitching together footage from incomplete and/or unreleased films he created his own work, though one has to wonder whether there was much skill involved, or whether the result adds anything to the original footage.

The film comes with a somewhat haughty explanation of creating something new from the old. While that sounds nice on paper, it's a description that would fit whatever collage of footage one could come up with, including me spending 45 minutes on YouTube and editing completely random stuff together.

Maybe the film is interesting to people who are drawn to the concept, but I couldn't find much intention or meaning behind this film. It's just a bunch of never-before-seen scenes that now found their way to the public. Some of the individual scenes are somewhat nice, but I never got the feeling we'd have lost something significant if this film hadn't been made.