2006 / 74m - Russia
Drama, Romance
Euphoria poster


June 23, 2022


Decent Russian arthouse cinema, but far from great. Take a very simple premise, then make it very cinematic. Or at least, try to do so. The result is a bit middling, as the cinematography and score aren't quite strong enough to warrant the slow pacing, neither is the limited intrigue from the character's predicament.

In a small town, surrounded by a whole lot of nothing, two people find love when they least expected to. Their existence didn't really prepare them for the passion they're experiencing, and they struggle to make sense of it. When the passion turn destructive, they need to fight to keep their relationship alive.

There are some nice shots, helped by the pleasant setting, but it's not really enough to establish the dreamy atmosphere the film is obviously chasing. The mediocre soundtrack doesn't really help either, the performances are decent but hardly outstanding. It's a nice enough film, just nothing too out of the ordinary.