2020 / 123m - USA
Comedy, Music
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga poster


June 27, 2020


Pretty disappointed by this one. I'm not a big fan of the whole Eurovision circus, but it is perfect material for a crazy comedy/parody. Ferrell's involvement looked very promising and some random screens seemed to guarantee plenty of over-the-top cheese. Dobkin appeared to be on the right track for redemption.

The biggest problem is that the film isn't even half as camp as the real thing. Eurovision is an alternate universe that is a bit hard to explain when you haven't been subjected to it for most of your life, maybe that's where it went wrong with this mostly USA-led production? Ferrell's version of the festival is pretty dull.

Dobkin has a pretty bad track record as a director and surely can't rectify it with this film. Almost all the jokes fall flat, the characters are boring and the showmanship is pretty poor. Rather than a sprawling show, the Eurovision competition looks like a second-rate concert. Nah, very poor use of the potential.