Also known as
Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi
Japan [1994] - 94m
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April 14, 2021


Light drama from Shusuke Kaneko. The film starts off like a somewhat simple and predictable family drama, but the second half has quite a few poignant moments that added a bit more depth than I initially gave it credit for. It's certainly a very easy film to dream away to, which makes it true to its title.

The Rinkaiji family looks like your average happy, suburban family, but as is often the case, drama hides behind their happy front. When daughter Sugina meets her stepfather in the park while skipping school, they decide to forgo society's expectations, starting a little company of their own.

Performances are decent, the cinematography is pleasant and the tone is light. The first half is a little too meandering though, as there is no real urgency and no obvious point to the film. Kaneko corrects that during the second half and the film did leave me with a rather pleasant feeling. Hardly a masterpiece, but very agreeable filler.

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