Ching Mai Daai Wa Wong
2001 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
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March 06, 2010


The late 90s were a real struggle for the Hong Kong film industry, the local romcom is one of the genres that helped them recover. Of course Jing Wong had to have his piece of the cake, it's no surprise then that he made a couple of them just around the turn of the century. And as it turns out, he's quite apt at them.

Leon Lai plays a slick player, a guy who doesn't mind a lie here and there just to get a date with a woman. He falls like a brick for Cheung, a wealthy lady who has had it with dishonest men. She dumps Lai immediately when the truth surfaces, but Lai is smitten with her and is willing to change his life to win her back.

Don't expect to see anything original here. The plot is simple, the ending textbook. The first hour is light and fun though, with some vintage Wong comedy and surprisingly decent performances from Lai and Cheung and fun cameos by Man Tat Ng and Lam Suet. The finale gets a bit more serious, which is a bit of a bummer, but overall this was pretty enjoyable.