2022 / 139m - USA
Fantasy, Comedy
Everything Everywhere All at Once poster


May 19, 2022


Not a bad film, but a tremendous disappointment nonetheless. I really liked the Daniels' previous work, I sure love myself a bit of Michelle Yeoh and the rumors about this being batshit crazy were encouraging. Maybe a bit too much, in a time when truly odd and strange films are regularly slashed and discarded, one would get a little suspicious about so much praise. And one would be right.

Evelyn struggles to keep her head above water. Her marriage isn't going too well, her father flew in from Hong Kong and the tax bureau is on her case. Right when things get too much for her, she is contacted by a man from a parallel universe. He tells Evelyn she is the savior of the multiverse, the only one who can stop an evil power from destroying all the possible worlds.

There were too many pop culture references (and many not doing justice to the original, like the Gozu gag or the Kar-Wai/Doyle moments), the execution was a little lacking and the secondary cast wasn't that great. It's still a fun film, one that deserves credit for trying out something different, just don't expect to see top tier weirdness. No matter how hard the Daniels tried, the film ended up feeling a little underwhelming.