Quien a Hierro Mata
2019 / 107m - Spain
Crime, Thriller
Eye for an Eye poster


July 27, 2020


Quite a change of pace for Paco Plaza. Best known as a full-blown horror director, Plaza slow things down and deliver a crime thriller with strong dramatic undertones. Not really the film I was expecting from him, it's equally clear he struggled with the genre switch in places, but overall this was a pretty solid film.

The story revolves around Mario, a nurse who works in a retirement home. Things go sour for him when he is paired with a senior drug lord responsible for the death of his brother. Mario struggles with his conscience, but decides he can't pass up this opportunity and start to slowly poison his patient.

Performances are decent but nothing out of the ordinary. The cinematography isn't all that either, looking a bit drab and lifeless. Luckily the soundtrack is on par and delivers oodles of atmosphere, while the story is interesting enough to hold the attention. I think Plaza is better suited for the horror genre, but this wasn't all that bad.