Berg-Ejvind och Hans Hustru
1918 / 102m - Sweden
Eyvind of the Hills poster


July 25, 2021


I've been watching quite a few Swedish silents this past year. Though some have been clearly better than others, they're mostly very sturdy films. Films that neatly plow through their narratives, caring less about aesthetics or other cinematic virtues. This early Sjöström is no exception.

Eyvind is a criminal on the run from his past. He stumbles upon a farm where Halla lives. The two grow fond of each other and decide to marry, but Eyvind can't escape his past. Eyvind has to come clean to his wife and the two leave the farm behind, fleeing into the mountains, where a life of poverty and hunger awaits.

Like most silent dramas, I feel that the exaggerated performances and constant interruptions of intertitles stand in the way of the enjoyment. Especially when little effort is made to make the film look good. There are a handful of decent nature shots here, other than that it's just a simple plot spread out over 100 minutes of film.