Also known as
Za Faburu Korosanai Koroshiya
Japan [2021] - 133m
Action, Comedy, Crime
Directed by
Kan Eguchi
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The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn't Kill poster


February 15, 2022


A pretty solid sequel. What it lacks in fun introductions and quirky surprises (most of the unusual traits are taken from the first film), it makes up for with more impressive and explosive action scenes. That, and a magnificent performance by Shin'ichi Tsutsumi, who goes completely ballistic and the film's bad guy.

Sato has promised his boss he wouldn't kill anymore, and he is determined to keep his promise. That's easier said than done when an older target finds his way back into Sato's life. He wants revenge on Sato for the assassinations of his former gang members, but Sato is still a force to be reckoned with.

If you've seen the first film this sequel won't pack many surprises. I was a little disappointed by that, as this was what made the franchise stand out in the first place. But the action scenes here are a real boon and the goofy characters are pretty amusing. Could've been slightly shorter, other than that it was pretty damn entertaining.

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