2019 / 95m - Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller
The Fallen poster


October 31, 2020


Very nice, but also a bit disappointing. The Fallen could've been a future classic. Hong Kong has been struggling lately, which leaves an opportunity for younger/less mainstream directors to make a break-through and start something new. The Fallen was very close to being that, but stumbles over smaller details.

When a Triad boss dies, things are bound to get messy. An adopted son is given control over the organization, which isn't to the liking of the older members. The boss' daughter (presumed lost for years) suddenly returns and an illegitimate daughter also appears out of the wood works. What follows is a classic struggle for dominance.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning. Superb use of color, stark framing, the editing is simply perfection. The film looks stylish from start to finish. The soundtrack isn't quite on the same level and performances could've been better. It's such a shame, as the appeal of this film is tremendous. Hopefully Cheuk Pan Lee gets another chance, the talent is clearly there.