2018 / 134m - UK
Fantasy, Adventure
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald poster


November 07, 2021


A predictable sequel. I can't say I remember an awful lot of the first film, except that like the Harry Potter films, it was all a bit too childish for me. They certainly didn't fix that in the second part (and why would they, these films make quite a bit of money), but somehow I did manage to enjoy the setting slightly more.

Grindelwald escapes from his prison and sets out to rule the world. He tries to convince other wizards to join him, as he promises him a world where they will be elevated above all other creatures. Dumbledore and his former student Newt aren't going to just let this happen, and so they set out to stop Grindelwald.

A simple plot that pits the same characters against each other once again. The characters are pretty silly, so is their feud, but the world they inhabit is quite interesting and Yates doesn't skimp on the fantasy. It's not a great film by all means, but it is a slight step up from its predecessor.