1966 / 100m - USA
Adventure, Sci-fi
Fantastic Voyage poster


May 25, 2024


I used to watch the animated series of this when I was a kid, which I liked a lot back then. The live-action version is quite a bit cheesier and more ridiculous, but it has a similar sort of charm. The film hasn't aged well at all, but apart from the slow and dragged-out intro, it's still pretty cute.

A scientist with important info lands in a coma. He is brought to a lab where they have a machine that can shrink objects and people. A special mission is being prepared to send a group of scientists into his comatose body in order to revive the patient. It'll be a long and perilous journey.

The first half hour isn't all that interesting. It's rather slow and has a lot of unnecessary dialogue. The voyage is what this film is all about, and even though many of the effects are pretty silly by modern standards, it's fun that they were so committed to them. It's not the worst classic sci-fi I've seen, but it was smart to redo this as animation.