Qi Men Dun Jia 2
2023 / 92m - China
Fantasy, Action
Fantasy Magician 2 poster


June 05, 2023


A film that raises the question: what's the meaning of a sequel in the age of Chinese streamers? The same directorial duo tackles a new story set in the same world as the first film, which sounds like the usual sequel fare. But there are so (so) many similar films out there these days, that you need to have a good look at the title and credits to even notice the similarities.

The son of Zhou has had a harsh life. When he finally has a son, his boy is born blind. Remembering the special power of his father, he digs up his grave, hoping that this power can act as a cure for his son. By doing so, he unleashes an evil he has no control over, endangering his own offspring's life.

The special effects are pretty decent (they still stand out, but the designs are pretty cool and the craft is getting better), the action is nice, the pacing is scorching and the film is short and snappy (though a little longer than most of its peers). It's good genre fluff, but still far removed from a personal favorite.