2002 / 107m -
Drama, Romance
Far from Heaven poster


March 29, 2024


A pretty decent drama from Haynes, though like most of his work, it's a bit too classical in nature to fully appeal to me. That doesn't mean it's not worth my time, on the contrary, it's just that I feel a few different choices along the way could've greatly improved the film, at least for me.

Cathy has the perfect life and the perfect family. That image is shattered when she discovers her husband has a thing for men. Meanwhile, she befriends the son of their old gardener, a young black man. These two scandals are a bit much for one woman to bear, and slowly her life starts to unravel.

It's interesting to see how Moore's character handles the two scandals in very different ways, which begs the question of how open-minded she truly is. The performances are solid, the presentation is polished, and the buildup of the drama is competent, but ultimately it felt a little stale and crusty. Not a bad film, just not entirely my cup of tea.