Ai Qing Meng Huan Hao
1999 / 95m - Hong Kong
Fascination Amour poster


December 04, 2015


Yau is best known for his gritty horror films, but he also tried his hand at the romcom genre a couple of times. Seeing this is a late-90s Hong Kong project, you would do well to keep your expectations low. It's very generic genre fare that tries to survive on Andy Lau's charms. And that it does, but that's also the only thing it does.

After seven failed engagements, Alfred's mother is tired of her son's bad judgment. She finds him a wife and sends the two of them on a luxury cruise. They don't really get along that well, but Alfred decides to power through. Until he meets Sandy, a girl of poor descent.

Andy Lau aces his part, the rest of the cast isn't nearly as good. The wealthy background of the lead allows Yau to play with expensive locations and excessive displays of romance, but the underlying emotions are flat, and I didn't really end up caring for the core romance. Not great, then again, I think few people would expect it to be.