1987 / 119m - USA
Fatal Attraction poster


September 01, 2021


A very basic thriller. Don't expect any big plot twists, cool surprises or even nifty genre angles. Fatal Attraction is a film that sets up a familiar premise and then takes about 90 minutes to work through it. I guess it might've caused some ripples in the 80s, but watching it now, it's hard to see what that original appeal was.

When his wife is out of town, Dan runs into Alex. The two hit it off and spend a romantic weekend together. Dan goes back to his normal life when his wife returns, but Alex isn't willing to give up on Dan that easily. She starts stalking him and threatens to ruin his family is he doesn't pay her attention.

Lyne's direction isn't terrible, but that's pretty much all there is. The performances are basic, the plot is a snooze, there's no real tension to speak of and 120 minutes is at least 30 minutes too long. Fatal Attraction may not be that old, but it's already a relic. It certainly doesn't deserve its reputation.