2022 / 84m - China
Fatal Girl R poster


June 07, 2022


China doing cyberpunk. It's a shame they're trying a little too hard to copy the modern Blade Runner vibe (though on a much smaller budget). It's both lacking in cyber and in punk, which results in a setting that isn't quite appealing enough to carry the film. Not that this was a terrible attempt, it's just that a lot more could've been done with it.

A group is experimenting with putting chips in humans, trying to unlock their full capabilities. When a scientist sees the danger, she sacrifices her own life to safe her daughter's. She can escape the facility and goes to live with her grandma in the slums, but the group wants her back and will do everything in their power to return her.

For a low-budget film the setting looks properly fleshed out, the plot is pretty fun and the short runtime plus strict pacing make sure things never get dull. It's just that nothing about this film feels very original or special. I guess China is still trying to find its own sci-fi signature. It might be awhile before they find it if they go about at this pace.