2000 / 98m - USA
Faust: Love of the Damned poster


February 02, 2022


Not that I expected great things from this film, with Yuzna it's always best to prepare for a hefty dose of kitsch. The promise of a more fantasy-fueled horror film and Yuzna's tendency to go out all did make me curious. It's a shame the result just isn't all that great, because I really wanted to like this film more.

When John and his girlfriend are attacked by criminals in their apartment, John's girlfriend doesn't survive the attack. John is furious and enters a pact with the devil that will give him superpowers. When John realizes the price for his powers is the soul of his latest love interest, he turns on the devil.

Plenty of good intentions, but the budget simply wasn't there. The effects look horrendous, the nu-metal soundtrack was utterly ridiculous, and the performances are just horrible. It's a mess of a film, but if you look through the poor delivery you can see the bright potential of something that never came to be.