2021 / 105m - USA
Fear Street Part 1: 1994 poster


July 03, 2021


I'm not familiar with the books of R. L. Stine, but I am aware of their reputation. Apart from some obvious references, I'm not too sure if this first film in the Fear Street trilogy is even all that connected to the books. Though it's supposed to be set in '94 it feels a bit too contemporary, and the horror itself is just a cut-and-paste job from a million other horror films (with a strong focus on slashers).

The people in Shadyside have a bad reputation, which is attributed to a curse of a witch who died a good 300 years ago. When some kids desecrate her grave, the witch will do everything in her power to get revenge. For that, she summons some of her previous victims and she sends them after the youngsters.

There are way too many gratuitous 90s references, even then the film didn't really have a typical 90s atmosphere. The kids were a bit irritating and the horror is a little tame, though the latter was probably to be expected. There are some solid moments here and the killers look pretty decent, but unless you're a major slasher fan, keep your expectations low.