1971 / 181m - USA
Fiddler on the Roof poster


May 06, 2023


A famous title, and some familiar songs. Fiddler on the Roof is a certified classic, but I had no clue what the film was about, nor what I could expect. It turned out to be a pretty drab and overlong musical, a three-hour-long ordeal about a poor Jewish Russian farmer who can't seem to get rid of his daughters.

Tevye is a poor milk farmer. He has a big family, but the matchmaker of the family can't seem to land a proper husband for them. Tevye lives in an oldskool village governed by tradition, so when his daughters venture out to find boyfriends of their own, he has a hard time agreeing with their choices.

The setting is extremely depressing, the songs are terrible and the plight of Tevye is not something I cared about (I'm just not very traditional myself). To be exposed to that for three hours was pretty unbearable, but at least it's another classic I'll never have to wonder about again. Not my cup of tea.