2022 / 69m - China
Action, Fantasy
Fighting Darksider poster


May 09, 2022


Chinese fantasy made for streamer platforms. They have their martial arts films figured out by now, the fantasy work is a little trickier, as the reliance on CG is quite a bit more pronounced. Fighting Darkside isn't too bad, but it comes with the usual caveats, so don't go in expecting some kind of major blockbuster production.

Zhang Ke is the son of the God of War. Twenty years ago, his father sacrificed himself to save humanity, Ke never really forgave his father, and he isn't willing to carry on the legacy of his name. But then the evil wizard reappears and together with his friends he seeks out the Heaven Heart, a magical trinket that can defeat the wizard for good.

The CG isn't great, but it is serviceable. The performances are mediocre too, but the sets and costumes are pretty lush, and the pacing is perfect. It's nice to see a story like this told in literally half the time of a regular blockbuster epic. It is a film for core genre fans, who are able to look past any budgetary limitations, but once you're past that, it's pretty fun.