Tung Gui Mat Yau
2001 / 102m - Hong Kong
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April 12, 2021


A pretty typical Joe Ma/HK romcom. You take two popular leads, make sure their characters hate each other's guts, then you can watch them grow closer for the rest of the film (including some bumps along the road). It's really (really!) by the numbers, then again the HK film industry was scrambling to get back on their feet back then, so I'll forgive them the somewhat lazy setup.

Tung is a somewhat crude cook dating a famous actress, Deborah is a feisty woman who just got fired from her job. They meet each other when Deborah bumps her car into Tung's. Both are quite loud and headstrong, but after a couple of drinks they end up in bed. Romance ensues!

Tony Leung and Sammi Cheng work well as an onscreen couple, there are some funny bits and the pacing is decent, but after the halfway mark it gets a bit too predictable and once Tung starts doubting which girl to pick, the film does lose some steam. It's a pretty solid romcom though, just don't expect anything original.