Choh Chin Luen Hau Dik Yi Yan Sai Gaai
1997 / 99m - Hong Kong
First Love: Litter on the Breeze poster


December 21, 2021


A film for people who love films about film. Litter on the Breeze is a pretty peculiar Jet Tone production. Quite self-referential, in line with Wong Kar-Wai's usual output, but still a very different beast altogether. It's certainly not their best work, but there's never a dull moment when these guys are making films.

Eric Kot plays himself, a young director looking for a breakthrough. He made two films about love and introduces them to the audience as if this was a documentary. The first film is about a garbageman who falls in love with a sleepwalking girl, the second film is about a store owner who bumps into an old girlfriend.

There's quite a bit of name-dropping and if you love Doyle's mid-90s vibe the raw cinematography is notable, though Kot makes sure to keep things light and breezy at all times. The short films themselves are nice (which is no surprise considering the talent involved), but they fail to really stand out. A fun film, but it's clear why Kot never made it to the big leagues.