Feng Shen Bang: Jue Zhan Wan Xian Zhen
2021 / 92m - China
Action, Fantasy
First Myth: The Clash of Gods poster


January 21, 2022


A big fantasy epic that holds the middle between live action and animation. So much is done with CG here that it's really just a bunch of actors walking around in front of green screens. Which can be cool, sadly, the budget didn't really seem to be there for First Myth, and 90 minutes of subpar CG does weigh on a film like this.

The story doesn't come with a big introduction, which made me think this might be part of a bigger franchise (or just well-known Chinese folklore). Whatever the case, you're watching a big battle between gods here, one faction trying to open the gates between the human and the deity worlds, the other trying to protect the human world from malicious gods.

What saves this film is the mad pacing. Though the CG isn't great, there's happening so much that you'll hardly find the time to get annoyed by any technical hiccups. There's plenty of action, a series of familiar gods (Ne Zha is part of the team of heroes) and the film does feel pretty epic. The ambitions clearly outgrew the budget, but nonetheless a pretty amusing film.