1988 / 108m - UK
Comedy, Crime
A Fish Called Wanda poster


November 03, 2021


A pretty daft and goofy spoof on the heist genre. The comedy is a bit loud and random at times, don't expect any subtlety or classy humor in other words. But in that chaos does lie a decent amount of fun. Not so much that it becomes a very memorable film, but it's certainly no ordeal to sit through.

Four people are planning a diamond heist, but they all want the diamonds for themselves. Wanda and Otto aim to beat Ken and George by informing the police, but they get played by the duo themselves. The only way to figure out where the loot is, is through their lawyer. Wanda tries everything to seduce him.

Kline and Curtis feel a bit out of place, which is not surprising in a Cleese comedy. Kline in particular can be somewhat annoying. The pacing is pleasant though and while not all jokes are hits, there are quite a few fun scenes to be discovered. Just a bit of random filler, but if you're looking for something light and pleasant you could do far worse.