2006 / 85m - UK
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
Flushed Away poster


June 15, 2020


A terribly disappointing Aardman production. Their stop-motion work is usually pretty charming, but when they go full CG little of that charm remains. Flushed Away feels way more like a basic Dreamworks films. There's a lot of noise, a lot of failed gags and 80 minutes later it's done, having left no impression at all.

The animation isn't all that great either, which is a bummer because technical excellence is usually the only thing to look forward to with these films. The characters are pretty dumb, the comedy is so predictable that it has no chance of becoming funny and the voice actors do a pretty poor job all.

At least the film is short and moves about at a pretty brisk pace, otherwise it would've been true hell to sit through. It is quite devastating to see how poor these American CG animations are across the board, they all look alike, and they're all pretty much horrible. It's a shame they keep on making so much money.