Furai, Dadi, Furai
2005 / 121m - Japan
Fly, Daddy, Fly poster


February 06, 2021


The only reason I wanted to catch this film was Shin'ichi Tsutsumi and it turns out Tsutsumi's performance is the only really good reason to watch Fly, Daddy, Fly. It's pretty amusing fodder, light comedy with some minor drama, sports and crime influences, though ultimately not a very memorable film.

The premise is a bit weird, since we're supposed to be championing for a father who is training to kick the ass of a high school kid. The twist being that the kid assaulted the man's daughter and got away with it scot-free. Tsutsumi bumps into a gang of kids and since they have nothing better to do all summer they decide to help him work out for his big fight.

The two-hour running time is a bit of a stretch and not all performances are great, but Tsutsumi is a hoot and there are certain moments where director Narushima does his best to break the mold. It's pretty decent filler, but it's all a bit too predictable, with not enough scenes that stick.