Gui Ma Fei Ren
1985 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
The Flying Mr. B poster


June 05, 2010


Jing Wong's riff on Superman, though like most of his films, Flying Mr. B isn't a straight parody or rip-off. Instead, the Superman thing is just a blip that starts off another silly Wong comedy, with plenty of other parody and plain old Hong Kong comedy moments thrown in for good measure.

A genius scientist invents a little pill that turns him into Superman. But his general wits are questionable, as he fails to cover up his invention. Pretty soon everyone wants to get access to his pill. Luckily, he'll get the help of Super Girl to ward off all the people who want to get to the pill forcibly.

Some funny parodies and a nice part for Wong himself. The comedy is okay, other than that the film feels quite rushed and cheap. The cinematography is poor, the score sounds generic and there's an excess of cheese. It's amusing enough if you're looking for a simple Hong Kong comedy, but it's hardly a stand-out in Wong's oeuvre.