2015 / 105m - USA
Crime, Romance
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June 18, 2021


A slightly more stylish con flick, though one that couldn't quite get rid of all its Hollywood tendencies. It's no Johnnie To, but it's certainly better than the average Hollywood crime flick and even though the twists aren't too surprising or baffling, the film kept my attention for its entire runtime.

Jess is an amateur con artist with potential. When she runs into Nicky, a con veteran, she wants to become his pupil. The two hit it off and after a short trial, Nicky introduces Jess into his troupe of con artists. Together they plan to hit the Super Bowl, but Nicky has a gambling problem that may cost him all his earnings.

Smith and Robbie are clearly having a lot of fun here. The cinematography is nice, the pacing is fine, the plot has more than its share of twists and turns and though somewhat predictable, the ending is appropriate. It's a fun and entertaining film, but it's not really ballsy enough to go against the grain. Simple but solid fun.