1981 / 127m - UK
Action, Adventure
For Your Eyes Only poster


December 07, 2020


James Bond arrives in the 80s, a decade that would be reserved for director John Glen. These actor/director switches have always been a bit tough on the franchise, but this particular film felt like a real struggle. This was by far the weakest Bond film I've seen so far, hopefully not a sign for what is to come.

A British ship with a highly classified load is sunk near the coast of Greece. James Bond is sent on a mission to make sure nobody else gets to the load before the Brits, but there are quite a few others who would like to make sure Bond never makes it. Luckily Bond gets help from the mysterious Melina.

Maybe it's because Moonraker was a tough act to follow up, but I was a bit bummed we're back to the skiing and underwater tricks for this one. The action isn't very spectacular, the soundtrack was way too cheesy and Glen makes poor use of the settings. Fingers crossed this was just Glen having some trouble settling in, as it was by far the least entertaining Bond.