Jeux Interdits
1952 / 86m - France
Drama, War
Forbidden Games poster


July 10, 2021


A classic war drama. Not the most familiar title, but once you've gotten past the biggest classics, Forbidden Games is one of the first films that is bound to pop up. It has a reputation for having a young cast that delivers stellar performances, and for once, I can't really disagree.

Paulette's parents die during a sudden air raid. It leaves her stranded, wandering around with her dead puppy, hoping to find a new home. That's when she bumps into Michel, a young boy who invites her to live with him and his family. The death of her dog inspires Paulette to starts a cemetery for animals.

Brigitte Fossey's performance is powerful indeed. The cinematography is solid too and the start, with her wandering around the countryside, looks very promising. Once she arrives at her new home, things settle down and the drama gets a little less interesting. It's a shame that the second half fizzles out, this would've worked better as a road movie.